How to cash out crypto currencies, step-by-step

Do you want to see how to off-ramp your crypto with Mooni ? Follow this step-by-step tutorial!

1- Open web app

2- Connect your wallet

There, you can choose your favorite web3 wallet. If you do not have a wallet, you can start by installing Metamask, which is one of the most used as a browser extention.

3 - Choose the amount you want to exchange

4 - Fill in your bank account information

Mandatory fields are full name and IBAN account number. If you don't now that, please refer to your bank to find it. The Reference field corresponds to a message you can attach with the bank transfer.

You can provide more information if you wish.

6 - Verify the informations

Once you arrived at this step, it means that all the regulatory checks have been done, and that you are eligible for the transfer ! The order and exchange rate are valid for 10 minutes, if you make the payment within this timespan, then the wire transfer is guaranteed to go.

Now, you can check that the displayed information are correct. If not, please step back and change. If that's okay, you have to accept the terms.

(Do not pay attention to the rates on the screenshot, that's on test network 😉)

7 - Send the payment

Now it's time to send the funds. Accept the transaction in your wallet. The picture displays the Metamask wallet, but it may be different if you use another wallet.

If you choose to pay with ERC20 tokens, you will have 3 transactions to accept (allowance, token exchange, and actual payment)

8 - Wait for mining

Ethereum transactions takes up to few minutes to validates.

9 - Wait for confirmation

Once the transaction is validated, you need to wait that our services catches it and send the wire transfer

10 - Done !

At this step, everything is complete, the payment is validated and the wire transfer is sent. Now you have to wait that your bank receive the payment.

The payment can take up to few days to appear on your bank account ! With modern banks such as Revolut and N26, it can come in few hours, but for traditional banks in generally 1-2 working days. Be patient ;)

If you had any problem during the process, don't hesitate to reach us by mail or telegram.

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